Our Technologies

Relying on the experience of a qualified and certified staff, on state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can meet all market and industry requirements for any type of underwater work, in any location.

Underwater Tools

The "Power" beneath the surface

The field of Underwater Tools, whether they are hydraulic or pneumatic, refers to a specialized sector focused on creating, producing, and distributing specialized tools purpose-built for underwater use. These advanced tools utilize hydraulic or pneumatic power to effectively operate within the challenging confines of aquatic environments, offering a wide range of functionalities such as cutting, drilling, and bolting that are necessary for underwater construction, maintenance, and repair activities.


In industries such as offshore oil and gas exploration, marine renewable energy installations, and underwater infrastructure development, underwater tools are essential. Market segmentation is based on instrument type, application domain, and end-user industry.

Market Impact

Offshore exploration for oil and gas is reaching its limits, and renewable energy sources are gaining momentum. There is a pressing need for eco-friendly hydraulic or pneumatic tools. The expanding offshore drilling activities and advancements in subsea technology offer potential opportunities for stakeholders in this sector.