Our Technologies

Relying on the experience of a qualified and certified staff, on state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can meet all market and industry requirements for any type of underwater work, in any location.

Non-destructive Tests (NDT)

The best non-invasive analysis techniques.

NDT uses electromagnetic radiation, sound, and other signals to inspect items without modifying them. It examines integrity, composition, and condition of objects. Technologies include Ultrasonic Testing, Crack Detection, Cathodic Protection, and Hull/Propeller Roughness/Paint Thickness.


-  providing reliable information to decision makers.
- detecting and defining the extent of corrosion and superficial and structural damage in inaccessible areas.
- fast and advanced technology to identify possible underwater deficiencies of submerged structures

Market Impact

Using NDT methods can improve product quality, increase safety, and save money. These benchmarks will be the main tools that impact the market industry, but not limited to the commercial diving industry.