Our Technologies

Relying on the experience of a qualified and certified staff, on state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can meet all market and industry requirements for any type of underwater work, in any location.

Lifting & Rigging

Underwater rescue main tool

Underwater rescue operations require precision, expertise, and the right equipment, including lifting devices that work on the principle of buoyancy. Proper rigging equipment, such as wire ropes, tensioners, and jacks, is also essential. Mounting systems, including keys, main links, and straps, are added to the lifting devices to complete the setup.


- Open bottom lift bags are perfect for shallow water rescues as they allow easy buoyancy adjustment.

- Closed riser bags are sealed and ideal for deep dives as they are less affected by pressure changes.

- Parachute lift bags are suitable for lifting large and heavy objects. They have a unique shape that provides stability during ascent.

Market Impact

By correctly applying these techniques, we can ensure the success of rescue missions, while also keeping divers safe and protecting the underwater environment. As technology and techniques continue to evolve, the capabilities of divers in the field of underwater rescue will also improve.