Our Technologies

Relying on the experience of a qualified and certified staff, on state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can meet all market and industry requirements for any type of underwater work, in any location.


Surface Orientated Diving Systems

Surface-supplied diving is a type of diving where a diver receives breathing gas through hoses and cables from the surface, either from shore or from a diving support vessel. This mode of diving is sometimes facilitated indirectly through the use of a bell diving system.


Surface-powered dives are commonly used in commercial diving due to their safety criteria and the extension of working time they provide.

Market Impact

The commercial diving industry is an essential sector that relies on surface-powered diving. It plays a crucial role in various industries like construction, oil and gas, and marine operations. With the constant evolution of technology and safety measures, this industry is expected to keep contributing significantly to the global economy in the years to come.