Our Technologies

Relying on the experience of a qualified and certified staff, on state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can meet all market and industry requirements for any type of underwater work, in any location.

Inspections and Surveys

Identifying potential deviations and how to resolve them

Nemo Pro Diving Ltd. provides a full range of inspection services from Class In-Water Surveys to Damage Inspections to Biofouling Inspections to Offshore, Inland and Coastal Infrastructure Inspections and those can be identified as follows, but not limited to:
1. UWILD & Class IWS
2. NDT Inspections
3. Marine, Hydrotechnical Structures Inspections and Surveys


Merchant ships require periodic UWILD or IWS inspections to ensure their structure and operation are up to standard. NDT inspections collect data without altering materials. Occasionally, it is necessary to assess underwater structures and offshore facilities for operational reliability.

Market Impact

The market for underwater inspection services is expanding rapidly worldwide. The latest study offers a comprehensive evaluation of the market, including future trends, growth drivers, consumption, production volume, expert opinions, profit margins, prices, and industry-validated market data. This report enables market competitors to anticipate future profitability and make crucial decisions for business expansion.