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Air Surface Supply Diving

Air Surface Supply Diving

Air Surface Supplied Diving the foundation of commercial diving

Nemo Pro Diving Ltd. adheres to the highest industry standards for all diving operations. We ensure that our clients' needs are met by selecting the most efficient and cost-effective diving method for each project. Our operations are limited to a maximum water depth of 50 meters, and we carry out decompression by NPD air decompression tables either in-water or in the decompression chamber. Our systems are portable, which allows for greater flexibility during diving operations and ensures that we never run out of breathing air supply.


The advantages of conventional surface-supplied diving are a lower risk of drowning and a larger gas supply, allowing longer working periods and safer decompression. 

Market Impact

Due to the rising demand from industrial and commercial sectors, coupled with the advancement of underwater infrastructure, the underwater industry market is poised to experience exponential growth. Technological breakthroughs aimed at developing cost-effective products are also likely to have a positive impact on this growth.